Happy 90th Birthday

Peter Bradley 90th Birthday

APRIL 3rd 2021

All regular parishioners at Our Lady of the Angels & St. Peter in Chains, know and love Peter. Devout,  dedicated, decent; Peter has served the Parish and its interests for the whole of his adult life. Regrettably, COVID-19 imposed a mooted celebration of his entry into his nonagenarian decade but when it is over, Peter (like the Queen) warrants a second, official birthday 🥳 and we can’t wait !!
In an emotional speech, Peter thanked his wonderful wife Mary but true to character, he soon made a plea to all those in the congregation to sign up for gift aid !

The address given by Mary Synnott, best describes Peter:


A tribute on behalf of Our Lady of the Angles and St. Peter in Chains Parish,Stoke-on-Trent

On the occasion of

Peter Bradley’s 90th birthday, Saturday 3rd April 2021 (Holy Saturday)

“Peter Bradley was born at the Stoke hospital on Friday 3rd April 1931. It was Good Friday. Peter was a poorly baby. Such was the worry that Fr. Brown, the curate of Our Lady’s Parish was called. He visited the hospital and baptised you on the spot (Baptism should not be done on Good Friday). Fr. Brown asked Peter’s Mum for the name of the “new” baby. She said she never gave it a thought. Fr. Brown suggested naming you Peter”.  It was agreed.  What an apt name for you, Peter (derived from the Greek Petros: a rock). Peter you are a rock, solid with secure foundations. You do not crumble when the going gets tough (Mary reminded me that you have Northern Irish RC ancestors). You are an intelligent, modest man of your word. You have served OL parish faithfully all your life. You attended the local RC school just behind this Church, served as an altar boy and moved on for secondary education to St. Joseph’s CBS RC Secondary School, Trent Vale. You give of their best to every task for the greater glory of God.

Peter, you have served as Chair of the Parish Council and the Finance Committee and been an excellent Parish Treasurer for years. You continue as our Parish Gift Aid organiser, a time-consuming task. No tax man will get the better of you.  Mary supports you 100%; and does many good deeds in secret. (She reaches out to sick and elderly parishioners who are unable to attend Mass/arranging flowers for our Church).  You & Mary are a formidable team. Every Parish needs Bradleys.

On behalf of the Parish, I congratulate you Peter on reaching this landmark birthday in fine fettle. We wish you and Mary a happy celebration (albeit Covid restricted).

On behalf of the Parish, Fr George will make a presentation to you & Mary as a token of our thanks and appreciation for all you & Mary have done and continue to do for OL and with our best wishes.”

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