Apr 23
2nd Sunday of Easter
10.30 am - People of the Parish

Apr 24
St George
10.00 am - John Butler (RIP)
2:00 pm - Adoration of the B Sacrament

Apr 25
St Mark, Evangelist
9.30 am - Margaret (RIP)

Apr 26
9:30 am - Peter and Mary Bradley

Apr 27
9:30 am - Burke Family

Apr 28
7:00 pm - Frank Hall

Apr 29
St Catherine of Sienna
5:45 am - People of the Parish

Organ Recital by Ian Riddle: on Sat 29th Apr at 7.00pm. The distinguished Organist Ian Riddle and his sister Jane will be giving a recital. He will be playing organ works by a number of composers (see poster). Jane will singing songs by Caccine and Handel. There will be wine and fruit juice during the interval. Tickets are £5 and these will be available on the night. All the money raised will go to ASHA (Asylum Support Housing Advice). Please support this event!
Baptisms: This Sunday 23rd Apr 12noon...
Parish Priest : Fr. Michael Miners
Tel: 01782 844308
Email: michaelminersodcs@icloud.com
Parish Deacon: Rev Tony Bradshaw
Tel: 01782 614749
Email: a.bradshaw555@ntlworld.com
Priory House,
106 Hartshill Road,
Stoke on Trent,
ST4 7LT.
1 st Reading: Acts 2:42-47 – The faithful all lived together and owned everything in common.
2 nd Reading: 1 Peter 1: 3-9 – In his great mercy he has given us a new birth as his sons by raising Jesus from the dead.
Gospel: John 20:19-31 – Eight days later, Jesus came.
Dear Parishioners and Friends,
It was wonderful to see the Church so full last Sunday. Also to have the opportunity to celebrate two Baptisms! Our musicians did us proud, as always...
'The Breakthrough of Easter'
What would it mean if Easter, the Resurrection of Jesus, had not taken place?...Well, if there were no Resurrection, the story of Jesus would have ended with Good Friday. His body would have decayed, and he would have become a has-been. But that would mean that God does not take initiatives in history, that He is either unable or unwilling to touch this world of ours, our human living and dying. And that turn would mean that love is futile, an empty and vain promise. It would mean that there is no judgment and no justice. It would mean that the moment is all that counts and that right belongs to the cunning, the crafty and those without consciences. There would be no judgment. Many people, and by no means only wicked people, would welcome that because they confuse judgment with petty calculation and give more room to fear than to a trusting love.

All this makes clear what Easter does mean: God has acted. History does not go on aimlessly. Justice, love, truth – these are realities, genuine reality. God loves us; he comes to meet us. The more we go along His path and live in His way, the less we need to fear justice and truth, the more our hearts will be full of Easter joy.

Easter is not only a story to be told: it is a signpost on life's way. It is not an account of a miracle that happened a very long time ago: it is the breakthrough which has determined that meaning of all history. If we grasp this, we too, today, can utter the Easter greeting with undiminished joy: Christ is rise; yes He is risen indeed!

Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI