Aug 06
Transfiguration of the Lord
10.30 am - John Butler Anniversary

Aug 07
9.30 am - Yvonne Murray (RIP)

Aug 08
St Dominic
9.30 am - 20th Wedding Anniversary
2:00 pm - Adoration of the B Sacrament

Aug 09
St Teresa of the Cross
9:30 am - Eucharistic Service

Aug 10
St Lawrence
9:30 am - Eucharistic Service

Aug 11
St Clare
7:00 pm - Peter & Irish Ross Intention

Aug 12
5:45 am - People of the Parish

Baptism: we pray for Jake and Kai Engul who will be Baptised this Sunday at 12.30pm. As we pray for them, we also pray for their mother Teresa and all of the members of the family.
Archdiocese of Birmingham Days of Prayer for Vocations 2017: please pray for vocations to the Priesthood and consecrated life, and for an awareness of the vocation of all within the Church. Please sign your name on the Vocation Prayer club provided at the back of Church. ..
Parish Priest : Fr. Michael Miners
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Parish Deacon: Rev Tony Bradshaw
Tel: 01782 614749
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Priory House,
106 Hartshill Road,
Stoke on Trent,
ST4 7LT.
1 st Reading: Daniel 7:9-10, 13-14 – His robe was white as snow.
2 nd Reading: 2 Peter 1:16-19 – We heard this ourselves, spoken from heaven.
Gospel: Matthew 17:1-9 – His face shone like sun.
"The Transfiguration"
The Transfiguration only renders visible what is actually taking place in Jesus' prayer: he is sharing in God's radiance and hence in the manner in which the true meaning of the Old Testament – and of all history – is being made visible, i.e., revelation. Jesus' proclamation proceeds from his participation in God's radiance, God's glory...

The Holy Spirit binds everyone together in perfect unity. It is in "one Spirit that we are all Baptised in one body", says St Paul.

The mountain top experience will soon end. The shadow of your cross was already falling on you. At the hour of the cross your disciples all would fall away and flee. Yet perhaps the memory of what they had experienced at your transfiguration would still keep alive a flicker of hope. I love to believe, that was your purpose in granting them this extra-ordinary privilege of seeing you in glory. That was your way of sustaining them in time of trial. Lord, sustain my faith too when it wavers in times of trials and sufferings.

Fr Joseph Thena SSP.