Nov 20
Christ the King
10.30am -People of the Parish

Nov 21
People of the Parish
9.30 am -J. Escombe - Requiem Mass

Nov 22
St Cecilia
9.30 pm -members of Livesey Family
3.00 pm - Adoration of the B Sacrament

Nov 23
9:30 am -C. Pawinski Intention

Nov 24
St Andrew
9:30 am - Eucharistic Service

Nov 25
7:00 pm - members of Woolfall Family

Nov 26
5.45pm - Roy & Hilda Gilbert (RIP)

Requiem Mass for John Escombe: this will take place here on Monday 21st Nov at 11.00am. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Morvyth, Lesley and David. May he rest in peace.
Mair Williams RIP: our thoughts and prayers are with Gill Carter and her family at this sad time. Gill's mother Mair died on Sunday. May she rest in peace.
Closing Ceremony of the Year of Mercy: this will be held at St Gregory Longton on Sun 20th Nov at 3.00pm. This does not ...
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Priory House,
106 Hartshill Road,
Stoke on Trent,
ST4 7LT.
1 st Reading:2 Samuel 5:1-3 – They anointed David king of Israel.
2 nd Reading: Colossians 1:12-20 – He has created a place for us in the kingdom of the Son that he loves.
Gospel: Colossians 1:12-20 – He has created a place for us in the kingdom of the Son that he loves.
Dear Parishioners and Friends,
We welcome members of the Secular Institute "Caritas Christi" to our celebration this evening. Yvonne Baker is celebrating fifty years as a professed member of the Institute. Congratulations! ...
Mercy of God
Bull of Indiction of the Extraordinary
Jubillee of Mercy
By: Pope Francis
With our eyes fixed on Jesus and his merciful gaze, we experience the love of the Most Holy Trinity. The mission Jesus received from the Father was that of revealing the mystery of divine live in its fullness. 'God is love' (1Jn 4:8-16), John affirms for the first and only time in all of Holy Scripture. This love has now been made visible and tangible in Jesus' entire life. His person is nothing but love, a love given gratuitously. The relationships he forms with the people who approach him manifest something entirely unique and unrepeatable. The signs he works, especially in favour of sinners, the poor, the marginalised, the sick and the suffering, are all meant to teach mercy. Everything in him speaks of mercy. Nothing in him is devoid of compassion.
Jesus, seeing the crowds of people who followed him, realised that they were tired and exhausted, lost and without a guide, and he felt deed compassion for them (cf. Mt 9:36). On the basis of this compassionate love he healed the sick who were presented to him (cf Mt 14:14), and with just a few loaves of bread and fish he satisfied the enormous crowd (cf Mt 15:37). What moved Jesus in all of these situations was nothing other than mercy, with which he read the hearts of those he encountered and responded to their deepest need. When he came upon the widow of Nain taking her son out for burial, he felt great compassion for the immense suffering of this grieving mother, and he gave back her son by raising him from the dead (cf Lk 7:15). After freeing the demoniac in the country of the Gerasenes, Jesus entrusted him with this mission: Go home to your friends, and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you' (Mk5:19). The calling of Matthew is also presented within the context of mercy. Passing by the tax collector's booth, Jesus looked intently at Matthew. It was a look full of mercy that forgave the sins of that man, a sinner and a tax collector, whom Jesus chose – against the hesitation of the disciples – to become one of the Twelve. Saint Bede the Venerable, commenting on this Gospel passage wrote that Jesus looked upon Matthew with merciful love and chose him: miserando atque eligendo (By having mercy, By choosing him!)